Universal Messaging Suite™

Smart User Repository and Identity Management

Our Smart User Repository (SUR) takes its origin from large scale, high performance mobile telecom applications where near real-time conditions are required (1 ms latency search) from large databases in geographically disperse areas.

The Universal Messaging Suite™ Subscriber and Identity Management components include a SUR (Smart User Repository), Identity Management, and SSO (Single Sign On). The SUR is a highly scalable, highly reliable user data storage solution that offers high speed, low latency, user profile and policy access to help service providers manage the increasing data traffic. The repository stores and delivers subscriber policies across large distributed networks in real time to support policy enforcement at a granular level (per flow, per transaction, etc.). It is a fully compliant 3GPP User Data Repository (UDR) that acts as a single storage component enabling the separation of mobile network applications (such as PCRF, HSS, AAA, etc) from user persistent data storage.

Identity Management has long been and still is a complex matter for service providers that deal with user access authentication. The Identity Management component with SSO support features and usage profile delivers better resilience in extreme conditions than those produced by enterprise directory vendors.  SAMLv2 and Oauth support will be added in upcoming releases for authentication ranging from low level AAA type authentication, to HTTP based applications authentication, all from a single user profile database.

SUR Architecture



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