Universal Messaging Suite™

Mx 9 Messaging Platform

Mx 9 is our open, carrier-grade, white-label multi-channel messaging platform developed to meet today and tomorrow’s messaging and communication challenges.

Email remains a valuable and trusted tool that users rely on to communicate with friends and family, and usage continues to grow.

Major over-the-top providers understand that driving massive adoption of their integrated messaging applications enables them to gain customer mindshare and introduce additional value-added services, which they can monetize.

Email represents the same solid foundation for Service Providers to build more significant subscriber relationships and an ideal launchpad to integrate new Multi-Channel Messaging, Communication, Collaboration and Productivity services into their own branded offerings, helping to increase customer mindshare and monetize their own assets.

But, if Service Providers want to provide successful messaging services to their subscribers, their messaging platform must deliver:

To meet these challenges and compete with OTT providers who are contesting for the same customer mindshare, Mx 9 has been developed to help Service Provider’s deliver successful, branded multi-channel messaging and communication services to their subscribers.

Our Mx 9 Messaging Platform ensures success by addressing a number of key issues in the areas of Reliability, Storage Growth, Revenue, FutureProofing and Total Cost of Ownership of consumer messaging and communication services.



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