Universal Messaging Suite™

Email Mx

Email is a key communication tool. Despite the emergence of new technologies such as Social Networking and Instant Messaging, email is still a critical part of today’s global society.  Consumers and enterprises rely on email for secure, confidential, and permanent messages, and email addresses have become the registration and digital ID for all social media applications and our digital world. The past few years have also seen a significant change in subscriber expectations when it comes to message and content storage. Subscribers now expect their email service provider to offer infinite storage with ubiquitous access from any device.  Service providers must find solutions that meet subscribers’ demanding expectations while also keeping their storage costs under control. A flexible email platform that is open and innovative to future technology discoveries is a key asset. 

Email Mx is at the heart of the Mx Messaging Platform of the Universal Messaging Suite™.  It is a carrier-scale messaging service that utilizes a distributed data store to deliver virtually infinite horizontal scalability with true five-9s reliable performance. It provides a rich, high-performance messaging experience across wireline and wireless networks at a lower total cost of ownership (TCO). Its features include out-of-the box administration tools, support for large storage volumes, extensive sort and search capabilities, configurable integration with billing, provisioning and other network functions, and Active/Active Geo-redundancy that provides simultaneous access to a mailbox from multiple data centers.  With Email Mx, subscribers can enjoy a feature-rich messaging product with comprehensive abuse protection from unwanted advertising, dangerous viruses and phishing attacks.

Email Mx Architecture



Email Mx supports many premium email and messaging features including: