Universal Messaging Suite™

Edge Gx

For years broadband and mobile providers have been trying to protect their subscribers from the growing volume of messaging abuse in an effort to reduce churn and stop rising costs associated with spam and viruses.  The Universal Messaging Suite (UMS) Edge Gx product provides carrier-scale reliability and real-time protection against all types of attacks – from directory and denial-of-service attacks, to spam, virus and phishing attacks. The three levels of defense in Edge Gx include sophisticated network controls, leading-edge content filtering and end-user controls. All three provide maximum protection against current and emerging spammer and malware capabilities while stopping abuse closest to the source.

Spammers and hackers exploit the smallest loopholes to reach subscribers. Effectively fighting abuse requires a full range of detection techniques. Several solutions offer a range of techniques, but they provide no way to create inter-dependencies or measure the effectiveness of each technique. Edge Gx provides a complete arsenal of anti-abuse techniques within a unique voting framework that stops abuse closest to the source.  TCO is dramatically reduced when abuse is detected without the need for more costly filtering. Rich reporting capabilities enable operators to quickly assess the relative effectiveness of each technique and modify workflow as needed.

Edge Gx Architecture



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