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Openwave Messaging App Suite is more than email or a collaboration tool. It is a groundbreaking product that enables people to regain control of their digital life seamlessly across all of their devices. It leverages the latest technologies, such as HTML5 and advanced JavaScript, to provide a robust, unified and intuitive way of communicating, sharing, and being productive from a single application. At the heart of App Suite is the Openwave Email Mx Messaging Platform, a carrier-scale messaging service that utilizes a distributed data store to deliver virtually infinite horizontal scalability with true five nines reliable performance. Email Mx provides a rich, high-performance messaging experience across wireline and wireless networks at a lower total cost of ownership (TCO). Its features include out-of-the box administration tools, support for large storage volumes, extensive sort and search capabilities, configurable integration with billing, provisioning and other network functions, and Active/Active Geo-redundancy that provides simultaneous access to a mailbox from multiple data centers. With Email Mx, subscribers can enjoy a feature-rich messaging product with comprehensive abuse protection from unwanted advertising, dangerous viruses and phishing attacks.

Peoples’ digital lives are spread over multiple locations, devices, cloud based services and social sites. Everything is important and it is becoming impossible to control. App Suite helps the user regain control. First, it centralizes emails and digital media (documents, music, photos etc.). Second, it helps access and manage ones digital life from any device, instantly and simply. Finally it enhances communication by displaying a contacts  “digital footprint” (social activity, recent interactions, etc.) on demand. App Suite helps users manage both home and office in one place.

Today most people have more than one device: A smartphone or two, a laptop, a tablet and a work computer, and all of them with different operating systems. Each one is different, has different characteristics and is often wireless. App Suite is designed to work seamlessly across all devices with one simple interface. The interface automatically adapts to the device, and even continues to work off-line using HTML5 local storage.


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