Universal Messaging Suiteā„¢

Openwave Messaging is a leading global provider of innovative messaging software solutions. The company’s Universal Messaging Suite™ provides a powerful, open and flexible, complete messaging environment optimized for today’s most complex messaging requirements including millions of mailboxes, security controls, identity management, and ease of integration with internal systems and external partners.

The Universal Messaging Suite™ (UMS) has four main product areas; the Mx Messaging Platform, Security and Anti-Abuse Solutions, Subscriber and Identity Management, and the UMS Services offering. The UMS delivers a complete messaging solution in one integrated environment that is powered by an innovative, flexible infrastructure and based on a single message store and a single directory.  This architecture provides access to multiple services from a single platform and delivers the high performance required by our customers. The UMS components are listed below as well as shown in the accompanying diagram.

Openwave Messaging's Universal Messaging Suite ™
Mx Messaging Platform Security and Anti-Abuse Solutions Subscriber and Identity Management

Mx Messaging Platform

» The foundation of the UMS, is a carrier-scale messaging platform for the Email Mx messaging service, the User Interface (Rich Mail), the SMS Gateway, the Services API (Mx Open Services), and the messaging applications, including OVM and MMSC.

» Built on distributed data store that allows for virtually infinite horizontal scalability with true five-9s reliable performance.

» Features include out-of-the box administration tools, support for large storage volumes, extensive sort and search capabilities, configurable integration with billing, provisioning and other network functions, and Active/Active Geo-redundancy that provides simultaneous access to a mailbox from multiple data centers.

» The central application programming interface of the Mx Messaging Platform is the Mx Open Services API. The MxOS API is customizable and enables interfaces with a variety of 3rd party services and applications.

Security and Anti-Abuse Solutions

» Support three levels of defense controls at the edge of the network, anti-abuse filtering applications at the edge of the mailbox, and end-user controls for setting individual preferences.

» UMS component Edge Gx delivers a complete end-to-end anti-abuse architecture for maximum protection of the user experience.

» AntiVirus and AntiSpam options can easily be integrated at the SMTP level for Email Mx. Openwave Messaging partners with Commtouch, CYREN, Kaspersky, Sophos and others to offer a choice of the industry’s leading content filtering solutions. Each partner has been carefully selected for their ability to deliver maximum effectiveness in handling current and emerging abuse threats while providing carrier-scale reliability.

Subscriber and Identity Management

» Components include SUR (Smart User Repository), Identity Management, and SSO (Single Sign On).

» SUR is a highly scalable, highly reliable user data storage solution that offers high speed, low latency, user profile and policy access to help service providers manage the increasing data traffic. The repository stores and delivers subscriber policies across large distributed networks in real time to support policy enforcement at a granular level. It is a fully compliant 3GPP User Data Repository (UDR) that acts as a single storage component enabling the separation of mobile network applications (such as PCRF, HSS, AAA, etc) from user persistent data storage.

» Identity Management with SSO support features a usage profile that delivers better resilience in extreme conditions than those produced by enterprise directory vendors.

» SAMLv2 and Oauth support will be added in upcoming releases for authentication ranging from low level AAA type authentication, to HTTP based applications authentication, all from a single user profile database.


The Services offering encompasses Hosting and Managed Services, Professional Services, and Support. The services team empowers our customers with the flexibility, freedom and ownership that they require, but without the operational overhead of doing it themselves. Key differentiators include the personalization of the user interface, the cost basis of the service offerings, and customized support. A full range of deployment options are supported, including on premise, managed services, and off premise hosted services.  The company runs a fully staffed datacenter to enable our customers to choose the best operational option for their needs.

The demand for integrated messaging services is remaking the messaging landscape. With Openwave Messaging’s UMS, service providers can maintain ownership of their messaging environment and deliver a superior messaging experience for their subscribers. The features, scalability and security of the UMS help our customers ensure satisfied and loyal customers, increase messaging usage, and help create opportunities for new and incremental revenue growth.  Openwave Messaging is committed to investing in building a future proof solution for tomorrow’s technology innovation.

For more information about Openwave Messaging and the UMS offering, please contact us at owm_info@owmessaging.com.