Openwave Messaging is the leading global provider of innovative messaging software solutions. Openwave Messaging’s world-class product portfolio includes a comprehensive messaging environment optimized for today’s most complex messaging requirements, including support for millions of mailboxes, unlimited storage, modern security controls, identity management, open APIs for internal and external integration, and a true five-nines messaging platform. 

Openwave Messaging offers three types of services to support our customers; Global Customer Support, Professional Services, and Hosting Services.

The Global Customer Support team delivers two types of support; product support and value-added professional services. The support team is a global organization that operates 24x7.

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The Professional Services team provides the technical knowledge required to architect, install, and operationally manage solutions designed to meet our customers’ complex needs.  The areas of concentration are Solutions Integration, Installation and Deployment, and Training.  

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The Managed Hosted Services team delivers fully supported cloud services for the Company's products. The Managed Hosted Solution helps services providers minimize large upfront investments in infrastructure and support, easily scale to meet peak demand, and reduce operating costs.

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