Company Overview

Openwave Messaging is the #1 provider of messaging solutions to Service Providers, with hundreds of millions mailboxes worldwide. We continue to excel at providing the functionality Service Providers demand with our flexible platform that lets them control their business, helping them compete with over-the-top providers, leverage and monetize their existing investments, and protect their network and subscribers from the cyber threats. We have the largest market share, and offer functionality second to none, confirmed through independent analyst reporting. Openwave Messaging has been in the messaging industry for over fifteen years, and we are committed to continued innovation to help Service Providers increase their revenue, with complete control of their brand to increase their subscriber mindshare. 

The vision that guides all of our customer relationships, as well as our portfolio development, is to be the premier partner of service providers for multi-channel messaging, security and identity management solutions.  .

We help Service Providers build strong relationships with their subscribers.  Using our flexible and customizable user interface, they can provide a consistent and engaging user experience over any device for their business and services. Service providers can become the content hub for their subscribers, opening the way for new revenue opportunities and value-added services.

Our portfolio of integrated white label multi-channel (email, push notifications, SMS, MMS, voice mail, real time communications) messaging is the foundation upon which service providers can evolve their business. Our platform’s architecture is designed for flexibility and adaptability to current, and emerging, technologies. Working with Openwave Messaging protects your infrastructure and operations investments, while providing a conduit to the future

Our open APIs enable ease of integrating customized services.  We choose and work with technology partners who are leaders in their field, to leverage their expertise, integrating and enhancing the solution for service providers, so they can offer new value-added services.

It is our vision, and our reality.  Understanding and working with our customers is the path of the future and growth.