Openwave Messaging’s Managed Hosted Solutions provide service providers operational flexibility and efficiency. The Managed Hosted Solution helps services providers minimize large upfront investments in infrastructure and support, easily scale to meet peak demand, and reduce operating costs. Openwave Messaging Managed Hosted Solutions can offer service providers a carrier-grade platform from the day the service is launched.

Openwave Messaging’s Managed Hosted Solutions offers service providers:

Openwave Messaging’s Managed Hosted Solutions delivers the following services:

Managed Services

Managing messaging platforms is Openwave Messaging’s business. With more than 8 years of experience delivering Managed Services, Openwave Messaging helps our customers understand the core elements of their messaging platform and implement a strategy to improve performance, capacity, and reliability.

Simple Hosted Messaging

A professional email hosting for personal or business domain names. The Simple Hosted Messaging platform provides the same level of service that is provided from our Managed Services offering with:

Tru4 Hosted Managed Service

For customers requiring a personalized email experience that includes an integrated provisioning stream the Tru4 Hosted Managed Service offers a higher level of service.

Tru5 Hosted Managed Service

For customers demanding the most from a Managed Service platform the Tru5 Hosted Managed Service offers:

Additional hosted services offered by Openwave Messaging include:

Rich Mail

Provides a centralized communication hub. Rich Mail enables subscribers to personalize their messaging experience with services such as integrated messaging (all emails including external accounts, voicemail), address book and calendar, social networking, and content sharing with Facebook, Linked-in, etc.


Built on Openwave Messaging’s Mx Messaging Platform, OVM offers a fully featured and flexible voice messaging solution.  OVM supports voice call processing through a fully scripted telephony, web and speech user interface.  OVM allows service providers to offer large-scale, carrier-grade IP voice messaging services using state-of-the-art IP, SIP, VoiceXML and CCXML technologies.


Openwave Messaging’s Multimedia Messaging Service Center (MMSC) is a flexible, complete, carrier-scale multimedia-messaging platform that provides a superior user experience across multiple handsets and devices.  The MMSC is architected as a distributed IP-based system whose mechanisms for inter-system and inter-process communications have been carefully designed and tested in many carrier-scale deployments to deliver superior scalability, reliability, high availability and performance. It is compliant to the OMA, 3GPP and 3GPP2 standards

Email Anti-Abuse

Provides carrier-grade spam, phishing and virus protection
Web Based Provisioning Interface: Enables customers to manage their own email accounts


Allows the service provider’s provisioning system to provision new email customers via an LDAP interface. Also supports modifications and deletions of accounts.

Openwave Messaging’s Hosted Solutions are delivered from well-planned, strategically located data centers in Toronto and Amsterdam that include:

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