Openwave Messaging's Channel Partners work with Openwave Messaging’s sales and business development teams to sell and implement business solutions to service providers in a global marketplace.  The program helps our partners drive growth and differentiate their business by extending their capabilities to meet customer requirements.   Openwave Messaging's Channel Program broadens a partner's skill set across multiple technologies, as well as educating the partner with deep dives within a specific technology area.   Benefits include co-sales and co-marketing resources, Openwave Messaging led vendor incentives and promotions, and service and support.

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SMX is a technology leader in email security and hosting delivered via the cloud model. The company’s SMX Cloud Email Hosting & Security Suite provides corporate and government customers with a fully-hosted, enterprise-grade business email service with highly sophisticated data loss prevention features, as well as local in-country hosting delivering 99.999% clean email with 100% email server availability. The SMX technology stack integrates best-of-breed international software from market leaders - such as Openwave Messaging - as well as proprietary SMX software. SMX has an expanding blue chip list of 200 resellers and market partners throughout the Asia Pacific region with managed sites across New Zealand, Australia, India and Japan. Major local and international market partners include Fujitsu, Revera, FX Networks, CCL, Ricoh, CMC India (a subsidiary of the giant Tata Group), and – in Japan – Mitsui Bussan Secure Directions, and KVH. SMX is a privately-owned company based in Auckland, New Zealand, with sales and support staff on the ground in Australia and Japan. Visit us at