Five Key Benchmarks That Define A Quality Messaging Platform

Messaging platforms have evolved into all-encompassing communication environments that bring together email, mobile connectivity, instant messaging, social networking, security, archiving, and highly accurate search and retrieval functionality. User interfaces have changed dramatically and providers must offer a sophisticated and flexible user experience to integrate with leading Over-The-Top (OTT) players. Carriers and service providers consider several factors to determine the best solution for their messaging needs with the five benchmarks of scalability, reliability, availability, compatibility, and security as the top five most cited factors.

In a recently held webinar with The Radicati Group titled “Carrier-Scale Messaging”, I participated in a discussion with myself, The Radicati Group, and two of our customers, Time Warner Cable (TWC) and Bell Aliant, on this very subject.  Reliability and availability are the top two factors cited for ensuring successful high quality messaging solutions. Over the past few weeks a few of our customers (not those on this webinar) have had problems with their email systems due to failures on the storage hardware. Although the storage hardware isn’t part of the Openwave Messaging platform, we worked closely 24x7 with both customers to help them bring up their systems back to 100%. Also, to help proactively eliminate problems due to storage and other components, Openwave Messaging has developed the Email Mx 8.4 solution to eliminate any dependency on massive storage arrays and to ensure the failure of any given disk or related component would not affect the availability of the user data or the operation of the overall system. 

In addition to the reliability and scalability discussions, another popular topic we discussed was the future of email in a social media world. Even in a brave new world with social and other forms of communication, email is still crucial. Email is still the overwhelming medium of choice for private, reliable and secure message delivery. Both Bell Aliant and Time Warner Cable agree that having a reliable and secure email platform is critical to effective communications today. They both praised Openwave Messaging for delivering a highly available solution, with in-depth expertise, and valued support and collaboration. Bell Aliant specifically noted that Openwave Messaging serves as the standard they compare all other vendors to in support and services. In the end, it was clear that the five key benchmarks including scalability, reliability, availability, compatibility, and security are the deciding factors for customers like Bell Aliant and Time Warner Cable when choosing a messaging platform.

We look forward to bringing you other viewpoints and market discussions as we continue our webinars in 2013. Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for a safe, happy and healthy 2013!

Dave Ratner, CEO and President, Openwave Messaging


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