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May 2014 Update

It’s been a busy year to date. We’ve completed multiple new deployments – including Belgacom, launched our new security product - RazorGate, and added new partners - including Numergy to our family. We have also expanded our executive team with the addition of Joe Campbell, President and CEO, Andy Byrne, VP Worldwide Sales, and Dean Bogarde,... Read More »

Messaging Security is Evergreen

Many will tell you that data security is an evergreen market. It’s not a pretty fact, but a realistic one! Often, when one security issue has been resolved, another appears. Threats appear continually from viruses and malware, through spam, and now through phishing and other dubious practices. Few security areas touch as many people as messaging security. Why?... Read More »

Bidding Adieu to 2013 and Welcoming in 2014!

2013 was a growth year for Openwave Messaging. In the past year, we added new customers, formed new partnerships, strengthened existing ones, expanded our product offering, gained new team members and increased our global presence. Our acquisition of Critical Path in December was a great way to wrap up 2013. Here are some of the top highlights from 2013 that I’d... Read More »

A New Day Dawns

Today, December 4th, 2013, I am very pleased to announce that Critical Path and Openwave Messaging have joined forces as one company. The new combined company will be called Openwave Messaging.  I am honored to be the president and CEO. Until today, both companies have been active participants and fierce competitors in the messaging and unified communication market. However,... Read More »

How Mobile Is Changing Messaging

It’s no surprise that the mobile age has lead to a revolution in messaging technology. Today, communications is an expected service anytime and anywhere, across all types of mobile devices. This means service providers need a messaging platform for email, texting, IM, and social media that is flexible, adaptable, secure and most of all, reliable. The Radicati Group... Read More »

The Future for Messaging Is Bright

Recently, The Radicati Group completed its Messaging Platforms Market Report for 2013-2017, which captures industry trends, total market size, including current installed base, forecasted market growth and an analysis of key vendors, including Openwave Messaging. I want to share a couple of my key takeaways from the report. 1) Email is still growing: Perhaps surprising to some outside of the... Read More »

OWM TVXperience Takeaways

TV entertainment today is increasingly defined by the multiscreen experience, which presents quite a challenge to cable and other video content providers. Research shows that 48% of people use their smartphone or tablet for unrelated activities while watching TV; meaning 48% of people split their attention between screens while watching programs. This number increases to 92% when considering people ages 13-24 years old,... Read More »

Openwave Messaging Presents At DataStax Cassandra Summit 2013

DataStax Cassandra Summit 2013 featured discussions, presentations, panels and various networking sessions for data-driven professionals at this week’s conference in San Francisco.  I presented on the uses for Cassandra in the telecom industry. My session was titled, Pushing Cassandra’s Boundaries and highlighted how Openwave Messaging utilizes DataStax Cassandra to deliver big data solutions addressing global... Read More »

Quick Takeaways from True 5 9s Webinar

On March 26th we held a webinar with RCR Wireless and our storage partner, Scality, called Maintenance Windows Are a Thing of the Past: Delivering True 5 9s where we discussed the what, why and how behind delivering what we call a true 5 9s service level.   With a global user base and the consumer expectation that services be &lsquo... Read More »

The Growing Importance of Security in Messaging and Email Services

Messaging service providers have many different security issues to watch for and a multitude of security threats to protect against.  While the list of security challenges continues to grow, there are a select number of really critical issues -- let’s call them our “Top 3” -- that are center-stage for messaging leaders like Openwave Messaging. 1) Ensure... Read More »

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